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In March of 2012 I began organizing a gathering of native people so named, Thundering Hooves ~ A Native Peoples Event. My goal was to bring awareness to the plight of the Wild Burros of the Big Bend and the Slaughter Bound Horse. Many Indian Nations were represented in this historic gathering. We gathered together in song, dance and prayer honoring the horses, wild burros and mules that have paid the ultimate sacrifice and those yet to face the grim reality of the slaughter industry. Throughout the weekend the message, so eloquently stated by Micki Free, was shared…..

 To hear a excerpt of his radio interview for the Thundering Hooves event click on Micki's photo ~


How it all began ~  

Some time back I began noticing big rigs hauling trailers full of horses as they passed within a hundred yards of my home. I learned these horses were “slaughter bound” and they were being hauled by killer buyers to the slaughter ex-port pens 120 miles south of my home.


Kill Buyer hauler with trailer full of slaughter bound horses.

One day as I stood next to the roadway I could feel the rumble of the earth as a big rig approached. As it passed I could see horses in the trailer, one was pressed up against the rail so tight that I was able to look directly into her eyes, they were full of fear! My heart broke!

Standing there feeling the earth vibrate underneath me and seeing the fear in that beautiful horses eyes, I thought how amazing it would be if the situation were reversed. What if I could stand in the same spot and hear the sound of  the thundering of hooves as horses neared and feel the trembling of the earth as they passed by running wild and free? At that moment I realized that if this atrocity committed against our four legged relatives did not stop my childrens’ grandchildren would never hear the sound of thundering hooves as horses neared or feel the rumble of the earth as they passed by, running wild and free.

                                                                                                               ~ Neta Rhyne 


What began as a vision has evolved into a continued effort of many people, from around the globe, to shed light on the dirty little secrets behind the slaughtering of our beloved equine. Today  Thundering Hooves continues to spread awareness in hopes of bringing about the change these beautiful creatures deserve.




The 2012 inaugural event was held in Alpine, Texas  ~ 

                             Thundering Hooves ~ A Native Peoples Event                                                                                                                                    






During the conclusion of the October event Amber Taylor and Brandi Turner with Animals’ Angels announced Animals’ Angels would be holding their annual fundraiser “Light The Sky” in Toyahvale. Last December this amazingly inspirational event was held along the highway that thousands of equine are hauled to the slaughter export pens. Throughout the weekend memorials kept coming in through emails, text, phone calls, fb messages, and faxes.  The memorials were placed on the “Wall Of Hope” to honor lost loved ones…there is even a memorial of a rooster who was dearly loved by his human family. The weekend was filled with tears, hugs and quite moments. We were all touched by the out pouring of love through the Memorials and I can safely say every person here was deeply moved.


After all the memorials were placed on the fence line I stood in silence. There are no words to define the feeling that came over me. I have no doubt our loved and cherished animal relations are always near us.


For those who doubt that OUR Wild Horses are slaughtered please check out Animals' Angels report from July 1st, 2013....

"A Mustang with BLM freeze brand and several severely emaciated horses were also present. A chestnut mare with white socks appeared to be in pain and was extremely thin. The freezemark of the Mustang indicated that he was born 2003 in Teterville Long Term Holding in Kansas and adopted out straight from there."

Click on photo for report.










As amazing as the “Light The Sky” event was the spirit of the horse (who has led me on this journey from the beginning) was not through with me yet!  Most Monday mornings haulers pass through here with trailers full of slaughter bound horses en route to the slaughter export holding pens in Presidio. Early one Monday morning, just weeks afterAnimals’ Angels Light The Sky event, I started to open my blinds and hesitated knowing full well chances were a hauler would soon pass by…I opened them any way and could not believe what I saw! A young man on horseback, with two horses in tow, riding alongside Animals’ Angels memorial fence. Coincidence? I think not! Turns out this young man is Filipe Masetti Leite, a modern day adventurer, traveling 10,000 miles on horseback from Canada to Brazil.  Filipe was so moved by Animals’ Angels “Wall Of Hope” along the fence line he spent time here learning the significance of the memorials. Filipe and his girlfriend Emma were shocked to learn the highway he was currently riding along was the same roadway thousands of equine travel to the slaughter export holding pens in Presidio.


To honor the sacrifice of all the horses, burros and mules who have passed thru West Texas to slaughter my husband, grandson and I joined Felipe on his last ride in this country “60 Miles To Mexico” from Marfa to Presidio.  During this ride many kill buyer haulers passed us with trailers full of slaughter bound horses. Every time one passed we were all silent, the sadness was palatable.

Trailer with rejects passes. 


Severalother people joined Filipe his last ride in this country. Multi talented actor and musician Gary Farmer (Powwow Highway) and his wife Deborah Lamal drove 7 hours through snow and ice to join in the ride in honor of the horses. They stopped in Toyahvale along the way to visit Animals' Angels “Wall Of Hope”.



Karen Hardy and her daughter Olivia drove through one of the worst ice storms of the season from Santa Fe, New Mexico to Marfa hauling the horses for the ride. Shortly after this ride Karen and Olivia embarked on their journey, across Europe on horseback, to honor the horses.  

Margo Holly Gulbranson, Saddle up Clothing Company, traveled through snow and ice all the way from Minnesota to join her friends Filipe and Emma on this historic ride.


Ridingthose sixty miles to Marfa along the same route thousands of horses are hauled to slaughter was a profound experience.  The silence that overcame the riders each time a kill buyer hauler passed by and the stillness in the air was remarkable.  What is happening to our horses is unacceptable!  

The "60 Miles To Mexico" ride was a journey of a lifetime for my family and I.  We met many amazing people who have joined us in our quest to bringing an awareness to the suffering of our equine.



 Darrel and Gunny 

Breaking News ~ Gunny has been adopted by a group of Monks.  He will live out his retirement in a Monastery surrounded by love!  Thank you Karen for saving this handsome fella and making sure he will live all his days in peace and love!

Gunny will never see the slaughter export pens just down the road from where this pic was taken nor will he ever feel the pain and suffering of being slaughtered for you see he was rescued by Karen Hardy from the clutches of kill buyer Dennis Chavez!  The horse in the photo below was not so lucky.....


Per Animals' Angels.... "Dennis Chavez, owner of Southwest Livestock Auction in Los Lunas, NM has been charged with 12 counts of misdemeanor charges, which could add up to nearly 11 years in prison. District Attorney Lemuel Martinez charged Chavez with animal cruelty, failure to treat an animal that can't walk and for not having a bill of sale for the horses......"

Click on Animals' Angels logo above to read their full investigation and report on Dennis Chavez of Southwest Livestock Auction located in Los Lunas, New Mexico



L ooking back on all the amazing events that have taken place since the 2012 Thundering Hooves event  I’m in awe of the power of the spirit of the horse! There can be no other explanation as to how and why the paths of so many people from across the country, who honor and respect our beloved horses, have crossed at just the right point in time. This journey is far from over, we just returned from our second Thundering Hooves event which took place in Santa Fe, New Mexico. There we rode horses into the Plaza where we were greeted by an enthusiastic group of people of all ages.  This event proved how truly amazing horses are when given a platform to present themselves as it should be...with honor and respect. 






 On Saturday, October 19th, 2013 we rode into the Santa Fe Plaza on horseback in honor of the horse! 

This was a great day.... 



      Thank you for visiting the Thundering Hooves web site.  We will continue on this journey to bring awareness to the plight of the Equine until their nightmare ends!

          Wa Do,  Neta














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